When You're A Multipassionate Who Can't Hustle

When You’re A Multipassionate Who Can’t Hustle

Dec/17 By

What I really hate is the word hustle. I’ve had an issue with the word for a long time. Even in the context of a “plain old” day job or

It's Ok To Not Have A Larger Purpose

It’s Ok To Not Have A Larger Purpose

Dec/10 By

A great thing about modern, positive businesses is that they often tie into a larger purpose. Some donate a product for a product sold, others give a percentage to charity

Can You Do My Work For Me?

Can You Do My Work For Me?

Dec/3 By

I think sometimes it’s hard to know what you are buying when you look at coaching. It is not always easy to quantify, and especially when we’re talking fellow mulitpassionates.

Sticking Points Teach Us Stuff

Sticking Points Teach Us Stuff

Aug/5 By

I’ve been a bit quiet on social media for Embrace Shiny, which is probably not wise. No one builds a business by going silent and not letting people know they

Is This A Success?

Is This A Success?

Jul/29 By

For most of 2019 so far my business activities have been on a sideline. This was due to getting injured and living in a lot of pain for months. As

Can’t You Just Be Normal?

Can’t You Just Be Normal?

Apr/12 By

Can’t You Just Be Normal?   Have you ever heard this? Whether it’s about having too many interests or something small like not wearing the clothing expected of you, I

It's Ok To Hate Goal Setting

It’s Ok To Hate Goal Setting

Dec/13 By

I’ve never been a fan of “SMART” goals. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Related – you can read more here). I’d previously had years of unstable health. I’m a carer. I

Get To Know Me!

Nov/18 By

As I mentioned on my about page, the best way to get to know me (maybe too well) is to have a look at my personal blog, NormalNess. Because we’re

One Way Sign

Shiny Background

Nov/17 By

I’m a lover of shiny objects. A multipassionate. I’m sure I can identify with three million other terms that exist along the same theme. I don’t like doing just one

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