What will we work on together?

The big picture “stuff”.


Do you do stuff for me?

Nope. I’m not a VA or expert. I’m here for you to pick my brain on strategies, choices, tips, tools and that kind of thing.


What can I ask you about?

Lots of things! I’ve been writing online since around 2002 and blogging in the way we know it now since 2011. I’ve got a vlog as well as a podcast in the works. I’ve got all kinds of automation set ups in my mailing list. I’ve got an eCourse and an eBook. And two more books on the way.


Is unlimited really unlimited?

Of course it is! That’s where the fantastic value of this coaching comes in. You don’t have to take notes, wait until a session, and try to cram in all your learning in one hour per month. We can work on things on a pace that suits you. You can ask me questions when they come to you.


How much time would it take you to work this out on your own?

I know this question seems kind of harsh, but there’s probably a reason you googled multipassionate coaches today. It’s that you love all the things and want to do all the things. But aren’t getting all the things done. Um, we’ve all been there. I haven’t officially researched it, but I’m confident every multipassionate has felt this at some time!


Why coaching?

Well, you could buy an eBook, or a course, or many other products. But coaching is PERSONAL. It means that we will talk about variables that matter to YOU. We will talk about YOUR goals. We can brainstorm YOUR priorities. Can you see how YOU are the centre of this? That’s why coaching.


But I can’t afford coaching right now!

That’s ok! We have the money for different things at different times in our lives. When you don’t have money to boost your goals, then you need to use time! We have the greatest resource ever – the Internet. Google. Read. Learn. Choose what you want to implement. Learn from your mistakes. Celebrate your wins. 


Why does coaching cost so much? 

Because it’s personal! This isn’t an eBook with generic advice that you have to work out the lessons and implementations from. We are both spending our time working hard on your shiny ideas.


If there’s something I haven’t answered here, you can email me at embraceshiny AT gmail.com to ask it!

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