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Posted by on November 18, 2018

As I mentioned on my about page, the best way to get to know me (maybe too well) is to have a look at my personal blog, NormalNess.


Because we’re all normal to ourselves.


But I’ve been writing there for 2012, so there are just¬†a few¬†blog posts. I thought I’d curate some of the blog posts that will help you get to know me the best.


Best Of NormalNess

When You Have No Answers

The Best Advice For Life

Crap, I’m A Perfectionist

The Value Of Passion In Your Art

How Routine Helps Me Write

Why Is There No Life In Our Lifestyle Blogs?

Who Would Be On Your Dream Team?

What Skulls Taught Me About Business Planning

That list should get you started on learning a bit more about me, my life and its philosophies. I think it’s important to get a sense of a person before you work together – these blog posts should help you know if I’m someone you’d like to work with.

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