The Business OR Job Mindset

The Business OR Job Mindset

Posted by on June 18, 2020

Most business, and especially most coaching, websites will tell you that you need to break free from the shackles of your job and only business can fulfil you. It’s a business, or a job.


The Business OR Job Mindset


The Business OR Job Mindset


The thing is, I’ve certainly had jobs I didn’t like. I’ve started liking jobs and grown to not like them. I’ve started jobs not liking them and grown to like them. It’s not as binary as “omgs totes quit your job this instant gurrrfriend”.


But that either/or mindset is so pervasive in our marketing that it does pop into my head as a default setting. I know it’s not, but when it’s what you are reminded of, it’s easy to fall back on an unhelpful dichotomy.


When I was doing some reviews of all my online activities earlier this year, this business or job mindset popped up like an unwelcome visitor after a long day. It started telling me that I can’t do this because I have a job. That it has to be either/or.


I had to kick that mindset to the curb. It’s ok to like your job. It’s ok to want more than what your job gives you while you like your job.

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