What Is A Multipassionate?

What Is A Multipassionate?

Posted by on January 28, 2020

Here at Embrace Shiny, I want to help you ….embrace your shiny objects! I always hoped it would be self-explanatory from the name 🙂 I work with multipassionates to help them gain clarity and direction in a supportive and understanding way. 


What Is A Multipassionate?


What Is A Multipassionate?


There are a lot of terms you can use to describe yourself. But the meaning that I’ve found most helpful is that it’s a person who isn’t a specialist. 


Multipassionates have lots of interests and skills. That’s really “all” there is to it. 


Of course, combining them, using them, staying focused, not getting overwhelmed and ….


If you haven’t already guessed, Embrace Shiny is here to help you work with your interests, not against them. I don’t view any part of this as being a negative. It’s “just” the way some of us work. Some people like one thing, some people like multiple things. 


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