What To Do When You’re In Scanning Mode

Posted by on February 11, 2020

I go through periods where I need to scan a lot. I’ll join all the email lists. Look at a lot of opt ins. Sign up for resource libraries. You name it, I’ll opt in to it.


What To Do When You’re In Scanning Mode




Sometimes it’s the stimulus my brains needs. It helps me get out of my own little world and look at wider suggestions and what other people are doing.


The key to making the most of being in Scanning Mode is to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed. Lets face it, when you’re looking at ALL THE THINGS, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and give up on everything.


So how do I avoid overwhelm? By discarding most of what I read.


Yep, you read that right. I ignore most of the advice I read. This works for me because I’ve been writing online and learning about writing online for YEARS. This will probably sound egotistical as hell, but I’ve probably heard most advice before. So I use that to my advantage. If the tip, trick, or advice that I’m reading doesn’t spark an idea as I’m skim reading, then I move on. Quickly. 


On a deeper level, you can look for your spark in curiosity, creativity, connection and contribution (from this great post).


Action It!

The biggest way I avoid overwhelm is to keep it out of my head! Write down what you can action. Unsubscribe immediately if the resources library wasn’t helpful. You can go wide and ALL THE THINGS any time you want, but don’t stay there.


The action it part of this works best if you know your weekly tasks. These are the non-negotiable things you do. For this website in 2020, that includes publishing one blog post per week, and making sure I share it! I do those tasks first, then work out how any other awesome idea can fit in around it.

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