About Vanessa

Like many multipassionates, I’ve had a lot of jobs, interests and hobbies. And far too many half-written books. More than I want to admit, though I think by writing this, I have admitted it. I work full time. GASP. I know. It’s not the “done thing” to “admit” to this. But I feel happiest with a combination of employee and non employee life and I’m not going to apologise for that! For most of 2018 I thought the only way I could help people was to do work for them, kind of like a virtual assistant. But one day, after a massive headache, stressful and tiring week – I had a moment of clarity. Yes, I am good at doing things. But it’s not my “zone of genius”. I am much better at and inspired by the “big picture” thinking, rather than manually taking many small actions. Which means that is the best way I can help you. You can find out more about working me on my (GASP) work with me page. (I know, totally original.) If you want to REALLY know a lot about me, check out my personal blog, NormalNess (because we’re all normal to ourselves).

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