Can You Do My Work For Me?

Posted by on December 3, 2019

I think sometimes it’s hard to know what you are buying when you look at coaching. It is not always easy to quantify, and especially when we’re talking fellow mulitpassionates. We have so much stuff in our heads all the time that it makes it harder to explain that you get X for paying Y.


Can You Do My Work For Me?

A coach is not (for example) going to be the one who is creating your social media posts and scheduling them for you. They won’t be ghost writing your book. The coach will not be doing your work for you. A coach is not a quick way to get extra tasks off your plate 


A coach can be here for many reasons. I am here to help you with clarity. That is my main goal. I want you to know exactly where you are headed with your ten million ideas. I want you to feel supported in having the ideas. And I’d love to see you become wildly successful from those ideas.


(I hesitate to include productivity in that, because productive or not, and by your definition of productive or someone else’s, you have deep worth, but it is something we can talk about and work on if you would like!)


When I have a lack of clarity, I make no progress on my goals. In fact, if often sets me back further because I will faff about and not know where to look next, sending me into a pit of frustration that can put me off of my ideas. 


My PING Moment With A Coach

I was chatting to a coach (interestingly, someone else who is unqualified, see below) and in just a few questions, they drew so much out of me. It was amazing. I still have the conversation saved and refer back to it often. It was around my “why” and guiding principals of who I am and who I want to work with.


I Am Not Qualified

Here’s the thing – I am upfront about this. I am not a qualified coach. I am not a life coach. Not a counsellor or psychologist. You will need to seek an appropriately registered professional for those things. What I am here to do is share with you whatever and as much as I can to help you from my experiences.


I call it coaching for simplicity’s sake, but it’s really a hybrid. It’s consulting/coaching/creation. 


This hybrid model means that I can impart my experiences onto you (the consulting part) while also guiding you (the coaching part) to find and answer the questions to create (the creating part) a long term solution for whatever ideas we are working on together.


Do you have any questions about working with a coach?


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