Can’t You Just Be Normal?

Posted by on April 12, 2019

Can’t You Just Be Normal?


Have you ever heard this? Whether it’s about having too many interests or something small like not wearing the clothing expected of you, I feel like most multipassionates have heard or felt this in their lives.


Well, can’t you just be weirder?


I know it’s a bit of a childish response, but that’s also why I like it. I feel like I’ve been told to be normal SO MANY TIMES that it has become a meaningless joke. What is so wrong with me? I feel like people use the “normal” to make it theoretically less of a personal attack and more of a social expectation. Only… that’s still a personal attack.


What is normal?

Well, I answer this a bit in the tagline of my personal blog, NormalNess: Because we’re all normal to ourselves. What is normal to me might not be normal to you. Normal to me includes being a carer for my husband. Normal to others usually doesn’t include that. 


Can you be weirder?




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