Getting Yourself Unstuck On Creative Projects

Getting Yourself Unstuck On Creative Projects

Posted by on June 4, 2020

I get stuck on projects, especially creative projects. Often. If I was a productivity ninja, I’d be crying at my apparent continual lack of progress. Thankfully I don’t measure myself that way!


Getting Unstuck – The Question I Ask Myself


Getting Yourself Unstuck On Creative Projects


I have learned to ask myself “what am I ignoring?” 


This isn’t usually about the topic itself, but the way I’ve told myself I “have” to do it. I’m doing something that isn’t working in a way that suits me, but I haven’t found the specifics. When I first released my books over on my personal blog, NormalNess … it took me AGES to do it. It didn’t feel right. Something wasn’t working. Eventually it clicked and I worked out what I needed to do: publish all four books on the same day. Once I had made that decision, it all fell into place and I felt happy and positive about the work. 


Sometimes, what has sent me down that stuck hole is that I’m following someone else’s rules on how to do something. If this is something that happens to you too, don’t be hard on yourself for it happening. When you work a little differently to others, it can feel socalised into us to do things “their” way, instead of a way that genuinely suits you.


How do you get unstuck on creative projects?


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