I Don’t Want To Hack My Life

I Don't Want To Hack My Life

Posted by on December 24, 2019

Personally, I never really got into the life hack “thing”, but it must have been popular somewhere along the way for it to be in our lexicon in 2019. 


I Don’t Want To Hack My Life


I Don't Want To Hack My Life


I was reading an article on why we look at the habits of other people, and this phrase clicked with me:


Life has become something you’re meant to “do” and “hack,” which has given rise to the feeling that only a sucker would just tromp along messily and inefficiently living through it.


This is where I generally proclaim that I love how lazy I am. Only I don’t really think I’m lazy, I just use the word to provoke people! I just don’t stress about most things. If it’s not going to kill me, then it’s probably some made up societal “should” that you can choose to ignore. Sure, I have some habits that I think help me make some aspects of my life a success. Particularly bulk cooking and freezing meals for lunch at my day job. 

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