Is This A Success?

Is This A Success?

Posted by on July 29, 2019

For most of 2019 so far my business activities have been on a sideline. This was due to getting injured and living in a lot of pain for months. As it subsides, I’m learning a new balance of good days, bad days, and days where it varies by hour. 


Is This A Success?


Is This A Success?


I logged into my writing app to update my work in progress. I looked at the stats page and saw that I’ve written over 8000 words this year. I don’t know if that seemed like enough. But what is enough? Is this a success?


Is This A Success?


There are a few elements at play here:


I don’t write often

I write in batches. Some weeks I will write a lot, and then I might not write for a month. Sometimes I literally just forget that I have a ton of WIPs (work in progress or I guess works in progresses?Eh, grammar) and forget to open my writing app. 


I don’t like goals

Because I  like to work in batches, goals like “SMART” goals don’t suit me. They feel like fake pressure and that just puts me off of the project. Though I guess if they really do put me off a project then the pressure I feel from them isn’t fake! I do have a goal set in my writing app that is 200 words per day. I don’t know why I chose that. I know slow and steady can win the race and I feel like that’s a good thing but is it really me?


I didn’t define my success

This is the big one. Granted, most of 2019 so far I’ve been more concerned with pain than success. But it’s also the reason why I’m writing this right now – because I have no idea if this is good or not. If I didn’t define my success, and had big personal things to deal with, then maybe I should just accept that any progress is good progress? 


How do you define success across your projects?


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