It’s Ok To Not Have A Larger Purpose

It's Ok To Not Have A Larger Purpose

Posted by on December 10, 2019

A great thing about modern, positive businesses is that they often tie into a larger purpose. Some donate a product for a product sold, others give a percentage to charity … there are a lot of businesses with a larger purpose and some amazing corporate social responsibility. I have wondered about this myself; what can I do to help others? What is my larger purpose in my business?


It’s Ok To Not Have A Larger Purpose

It's Ok To Not Have A Larger Purpose


For now, I don’t really have one. In general, I want to help people, and I have written about my personal why. I think it is really hard for multipassionates to have a larger purpose, because much like a traditional career, a larger purpose has a singular focus. That isn’t really our strength!


You might find it along the way. 

We are so personal brand focused, always having to pretend we have our shit together; I don’t know, put up a face like we know all the secrets of the universe. Not every box is ticked and organised and ready the moment we enter the work or business force. (Business force sounds weird. But you get my gist.) It is highly likely for a multipassionate to find their larger purpose along the way. 


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