Please Unfollow People

Please Unfollow People

Posted by on July 2, 2020

This is probably not advice you read many places. Most people on social media still seem to be stuck in “follow heaps of people and they will follow you”. Ugh.


Please Unfollow People


Please Unfollow People


Recently I signed up for a freebie. It was talking about using limited time to focus more on selling for your business. Do I need that? YEP OH BOY YES PLEASE.


And yet on the second page of the eBook I received… a comment trashing shiny objects as worthless. Oh for fucks sake. LET US LIKE LOTS OF THINGS IF WE WANT TO.


You’d better bet I unsubscribed quick fast.


Unfollowing people, even in a bout of frustration like I did, is NOT an excuse to attack them in any way. Yes, the endless, repetitive rhetoric of SHINY IS BAD pisses me off, but I do not take that out on them. I just remove myself and move along. (Well, apart from this blog post, obviously!)


Remember that social media doesn’t have to be a negative place. You can choose to follow those who lift you up, not who trash how you work/what you like.


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