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Posted by on November 17, 2018

I’m a lover of shiny objects. A multipassionate. I’m sure I can identify with three million other terms that exist along the same theme. I don’t like doing just one thing. Any time I have tried to, it makes me feel sad. It’s just not how I am wired. And that’s ok. I suspect a lot of people aren’t wired to do only one thing. (Though it’s ok if you are, but you probably won’t relate to anything on this site!) I go through phases where I enjoy lots of things and where it feels like enjoying lots of things is too hard.

2018 So Far

  One Way Sign   In 2018 I had been offering something I had called Shiny Project Management online. But my heart wasn’t in it. This doesn’t mean that I would have done a bad job for clients or that I was scamming anyone – or anything like that! It means that I didn’t put my full effort into sharing it and marketing it, because I probably knew on some level that it wasn’t 100% what I wanted to do Like many multipassionates, I’ve had a lot of jobs. My “fallback” job was always something administrative, which I do in between jobs I prefer (increasingly rare social research type jobs that use my nerdy degrees in anthropology and sociology). Somehow though, I had let it seep into my brain and decision making processes that administrative type work was the only way that I could provide value to others. One day, amongst having a bad week and a big headache, I got hit by clarity. Yes, I am highly skilled at administrative work. But it is not the only area I am skilled in. And more importantly, it’s not something I’m particularly interested in. No wonder no one took me up on my offer of working with me in 2018! Lots of people loved the idea, and no one committed. Probably because I wasn’t committed to it on a deep level. I worked out that I am best, happiest, most engaged and generally interested in the big pictures. Which felt like a bit of a duh, in hindsight. Of course that’s my jam! I love shiny objects! Which is how I came to create Embrace Shiny. And the coaching I offer. If you want support with your multiple creative projects, wild ideas, accountability, and to be able to pick my brain – I’m here.
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