Some Anti New Years “Advice” Advice

Some Anti New Years "Advice" Advice

Posted by on December 31, 2019

I’ve never known what I want. Not 100%, anyway. I’m reasonable at knowing what I don’t want, and that can be a really good filter for finding what do you want. But it sucks at this time of year when the talk is of the ONE BIG GOAL for the year.  So here is some anti New Years “Advice” advice!  

Some Anti New Years “Advice” Advice

  Some Anti New Years "Advice" Advice   Tis the season of the resolutions. Which isn’t really a great season for those multipassionates who love their shiny objects. People don’t want to hear that we are working on a book, a podcast, a vlog, and this, and that, and, and…  because it’s not tied up in a neat little bow.   It never is tied up for people like us, but at this time of year, it can feel like you have pressure to think of what your “thing” will be for next year. Almost like creating an elevator pitch.  

What Else You Can Say

Well, if you catch me in a bad mood, or when I’m tired, or when I’m hungry, my response would probably be something along the lines of “mind your own damn business”. But that’s not super helpful 🙂   It can be helpful to have a “banner”. For me, it is simplest to say “In 2020, I plan to release 6 short books under my website NormalNess”. Of course, that leaves out my day job goals, creative goals, coaching goals, freelance goals… and so much more. But it is short and easy for people to understand.    Personally, I prefer letting my shiny flag fly and listing ALL THE THINGS, but having a short answer up your sleeve is a handy tool if you need it.    And that’s my anti New Years “advice” advice.   Got any tips for tackling New Year goals as a multipassionate?
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