The “Figuring It Out” Slump

Posted by on August 14, 2020

One downside to the hummingbird life is that you’re often re-calibrating. As someone who likes to have it all figured out, re-calibrating makes me a bit…eh…. Basically I have a big slump.


The “Figuring It Out” Slump



Slumps suck. Like really suck. Last month I was going through a period of high arranging and re-arranging and re-re-re arranging as I thought I might be both studying full time and working full time for a few months. It didn’t pan out for many reasons, but the constant re-calibrating was making me feel really exhausted. As glad as I was to receive a clear answer, it lead me into a slump.


The need to figure things out is a high energy time for me. While working full time and studying full time would have been stressful, I was also enjoying my brain being on fire and thinking of maximizing ALL THE THINGS in order to make it work for me. And that is where I get the slump. My brain has thought of a lot of things that it now doesn’t need to implement …. so… what next?


As usual – I have to say it. Not everyone works the same way. Some people may find the ALL THE THINGS part slumpish because it feels impossible, and then feel refreshed and ready when the decision has been made. It matters less to me which way you feel things and more that you are able to recognise your own patterns. When you can recognise what causes highs and lows for you then you can also be aware of what you need to support yourself through those times.


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