When You’re A Multipassionate Who Can’t Hustle

When You're A Multipassionate Who Can't Hustle

Posted by on December 17, 2019

What I really hate is the word hustle. I’ve had an issue with the word for a long time. Even in the context of a “plain old” day job or a linear, “normal” business, I don’t like the use of the word. I think it’s a step worse when you’re a multipassionate because I feel an assumed pressure that in order to do all of our MANY THINGS, we have to work quadruple time so that we can be judged according to standards set by non mulitpassionates.


But what if you can’t hustle?


When You’re A Multipassionate Who Can’t Hustle


When You're A Multipassionate Who Can't Hustle


For the first time ever, I won NaNoWriMo in 2o19. I joined the site in 2005, so it has been a long time coming! But it has come at a really high cost for me. I am glad I did it, but I don’t actually think it was wise at all. Combine that with relaunching my coaching here, some massive stuff in my day job, as well as the rest of my life in general… It was too much. I am now paying the price for trying to hustle. I am exhausted. I am having more pain flares from my injury due to exhaustion. 


Hustle has always been a bit “fingernails down a blackboard” to me. I just hate it. I tried to get my thoughts out here and here.


There are so many reasons why you might not be able to hustle. There are long and short term mental and physical illnesses. Or combinations of them all! You might have young kids. You might have a job you like but that has demanding workloads at certain times of the year. So many reasons. You are not obligated to explain them to anyone (in my opinion!). 


What Works For You

Instead of beating yourself up about not getting things done (please tell me I’m not the only one!), you need to work on defining what workload suits you. You might not work at the same pace as everyone else. But that’s ok. Most people work at a high pace at a high cost to themselves, and even for the totally healthy, I think it’s irresponsible and unsustainable. 


What is progress for you? Is it completing a project? Doing a certain percent of each project? Do you work on many ideas at once, or jump from idea to idea in a sequential manner?


What does a good day look like? How many do you have? What does a bad day look like? Do you have a self-care/first aid for those days? Do you build safety into your freelancing deadlines to allow for bad days to be as stress free as possible? 


It’s ok to have your progress being spread out over time. 


Are you a multpassionate who can’t hustle? Any tips on how to deal with it?

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