Why Notepads Are A Multipassionates Best Friend

Why Notepads Are A Multipassionates Best Friend

Posted by on May 28, 2020

I don’t know about you, but there isn’t a lot of free space in my head. The more I tell myself I’ll keep an idea, the more likely I am to forget it. Approximately two seconds later.


Why Notepads Are A Multipassionates Best Friend


Why Notepads Are A Multipassionates Best Friend


Notepads are your best friend. It doesn’t matter if you prefer digital or physical. I use a combination. What matters is that you get into the habit of writing things down.


How I Combine Physical and Digital

I’ve used different tools over the years, and it matters more that you like the tool than what the tool is. When I’m looking for a new tool, I just keep trying them until I find one I like. It is a little time consuming to test tools by setting them up, but it means when I’ve found my “thing”, I know I will use it.



I use ToDoIst for basic tasks. This is your “return the library books” or “I need toilet paper” kind of thing. I also have it set up to remind me of when my regular tasks are due, such as my email newsletters. I find notifications on my phone to be really distracting, so I have them turned off for anything that isn’t a phone call or text message. Which is the downside to an organisation app – I need to remember to open it to see the reminders. Still, this work better for me than if I had notifications turned on – because then I would just ignore them all!



I use Trello for information I need on hand and easy to find. This includes things like sales copy for books, links to intake surveys … things to run my life and activities smoothly.


Physical notebook

The most important part. It lets me get things out of my head before a) they run away forever or b) I get distracted by a different app on my phone.  My ability to forget what I needed to write down while I either open the wrong app or wait for the app to load (Australian internet, am I right!) is very very large.

I think the real reason a notebook works well for me is because they aren’t a workplace for me, they’re a brain dump place. What that means is that I rarely go back through my notebooks and tick things off; I am NOT a bullet journal person! So, for me, I am not going to get distracted by forgotten to-do lists when I go to brain dump in a notebook.


How do you keep track of things?

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